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By Kemal Carr

We held our 10th CCM/CX Executive Roundtable this March 6-9 in Fort Lauderdale. It is always an exciting time for me to connect again with those who have attended in the past and those who are new to the Roundtable experience. Participants at the Roundtable come from a variety of industries (and a variety of departments within those companies) involved in various stages of customer communications management (CCM). The Roundtable is designed to give them (and us) the opportunity to share and learn from each other. We all learn, too, what is new or on the horizon when it comes to CCM and the transactional document industry from our sponsor partners that give such informative presentations.

There is always an immediate benefit from time spent in thought provoking peer-to-peer discussions about how others are successfully establishing their CCM journeys. There is also huge value in what you can gain from candid information about how companies are working to effectively engage customers throughout the entire communications lifecycle.

There were recurring topics on what we have discussed at other Roundtable events, such as how businesses in these different sectors are implementing their CCM strategies. But there were some new and interesting topics of discussions as well—all relevant to what every company is experiencing today. For example, with the plethora of channels available to reach customers today, how do you address customers’ consent and preferences while ensuring the protection of their personal data based on their rights that the law requires when it comes to their data? There was a lot of talk around that.  Laws, too, are now in place when it comes to document accessibility, requiring that documents are accessible to individuals who are blind, partially sighted or cognitively impaired. Complying with document accessibility guidelines can be challenging without the right strategy, so, as you can imagine, every participant in the room was interested in exploring solutions to this challenge.

We learned that digital transformation is still an ongoing journey for most companies. Establishing a digital mindset was mandated during the pandemic, causing many businesses to scramble to keep connected with customers. Everyone was interested in hearing how companies are handling the digital landscape, what technology investments are being made in this area and how customers are being helped to navigate these changes.

Of course, all these discussion topics come down to a focus on one thing: the customer experience (CX). Today, CX drives most everything companies do, so how to expand on CCM to create the CX needed to ensure the optimum health and success of a business is of interest to us all.

This is why this Roundtable is simply not like “your grandfathers conference.” It is an amazingly open forum that makes peer-to-peer sharing safe and extremely valuable. It is an opportunity like no other to collaborate with peers, share insights and take part in invigorating discussions that lead to new ways to unlock the power of CX within your company.

We want to give a big thanks to our sponsors:
Broadridge, Canon, Crawford Technologies, CSG, FIS, Fiserv, Messagepoint, NEPS, PossibleNOW, Precisely, Solimar Systems

Your support and your awesome presentations on what you are doing to advance the CX helped to make this the best Roundtable ever! For the participants that joined us this year, thank you! Your willingness to share your journey openly in all these discussions makes the Roundtable what it is: an event like no other. And if you are reading this and didn’t make it, be sure to join us next year. You will be glad you did!

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