Best Practices Assessment (BPA)

Madison Advisors Best Practices Assessment (BPA) is a comprehensive study designed to examine best practices across the converging markets of high-volume outbound and inbound communications including internal document services operations and for-profit service providers. During the assessment, we will capture over 700 data points from each participant in order to quantitatively rate their strategies, their organizations, their processes and their application of technology in support of their enterprise output objectives.

Our next step is to then rigorously review the high-volume output, POD, and electronic delivery operations of participants, conducting on-site reviews of facilities against our standard criteria. Additionally, we initiate extensive interviews with the customer communications operations and IT groups of each of the participating organizations.
Reviewing the data collected from each on-site review and interview session, we create a set of confidential scorecards to measure the quality of the participant’s customer communications practices, document production capabilities and ancillary processes. Finally, compilation of data across scorecards yields blind, aggregated data, representing conditions for study participants to understand how their company stack ups against customer expectations and the competition.


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