The Success of PRINTING United Expo 2022

By Kemal Carr Around 2018 it seemed tradeshows had lost their luster. Exhibitors were downsizing their booth space or thinking about doing so. Customers often didn’t feel the need to travel to a show when they could learn about new products on websites. Just two years later, in 2020, tradeshows came to a complete halt […]

Digital Automated Document Factories Support Cross-channel CCM

By Richard Huff The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the transition from paper-based customer communications to digital channels, making cross-channel management of customer communications crucial. While digital channels, such as email and text messages, have grown significantly in the past few years, Madison Advisors has found that customers continue to prefer different channels for different types of […]

The Art and Science of Project Management

By Amber Knight, Senior Project Manager and Analyst There are many roles that require both science and art and I view project management as one of them. The science is the methodology used to manage projects. These methodologies are well documented and provide tools to assist a project manager (PM) throughout the different phases of […]

DSF ’22 and the Customer Experience

By Kemal Carr, President, Madison Advisors So much about DSF ’22 made it a positive event. The first being that it was an in-person conference. DSF ’22 and Xplor were the first to exit the virtual world and gamble that an in-person event would be well received. And it was. The conference garnered a good mix […]

Madison Advisors’ New Study Explores the Personalized Video Landscape

By Rich Huff, Senior Analyst, Madison Advisors Madison Advisors has just completed a market study exploring the emerging interactive personalized video (IPV) landscape. Dynamic video represents the latest expansion in customer communications and should now be considered an important element in any organization’s customer communications management (CCM) strategy. The five participants in this study included […]

Ready to Look for a Hosted Managed Services Provider?

By Rich Huff, Senior Analyst, Madison Advisors While organizations utilizing customer communications management (CCM) traditionally worked with in-house CCM technology and staff, over the past several years various types of third-party services have developed to take on some or all functions of a company’s CCM operations. And the timing couldn’t be better. In our current […]

Did COVID-19 Drive a Move to Outsourced Printing Services?

By Kemal Carr, President, Madison Advisors Businesses, large and small, have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and in some cases their entire business models have changed. Employees who now work remotely have proven they are still productive and many of them want to continue working from a home office. This has triggered some strategic […]

Seven Critical Steps When Choosing a Partner from an RFP

By Kemal Carr, President, Madison Advisors Selecting the right business partner for customer communications management (CCM) delivery is a critical task. Shrewd organizations use the Request for Proposals (RFP) process in an attempt to make the best decision. After receiving partner responses and confirming references, there is one more important step before your final selection: […]