Wrangling Customer Data

By Richard Huff With the growth in digital customer interactions, organizations have seen an exponential growth in customer data volume, especially during the pandemic as more customers adopted multiple digital channels for purchasing goods and services. Among the varied data are customer-chosen preferences and consent to contact, which is often distributed across numerous back-office applications […]

Improving Customer Communications with Artificial Intelligence

By Richard Huff Artificial intelligence (AI) makes for big headlines. Applications such as ChatGPT offer the ability to “write” term papers and also stand as one of the drivers behind the 2023 Writers Guild of America strike. AI impacts all aspects of modern life. In the context of customer communications, AI provides a number of […]

Making Digital Document Access a Top Priority

By Richard Huff Document accessibility was a hot topic of conversation at Madison Advisors’ 2023 CCM/CX Executive Roundtable in March. At the Roundtable, digital document access was identified as a top priority for improved customer experiences. Accessibility refers to features that enable recipients with disabilities to read a document. For digital documents, accessibility can range […]

The Success of PRINTING United Expo 2022

By Kemal Carr Around 2018 it seemed tradeshows had lost their luster. Exhibitors were downsizing their booth space or thinking about doing so. Customers often didn’t feel the need to travel to a show when they could learn about new products on websites. Just two years later, in 2020, tradeshows came to a complete halt […]

Digital Automated Document Factories Support Cross-channel CCM

By Richard Huff The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the transition from paper-based customer communications to digital channels, making cross-channel management of customer communications crucial. While digital channels, such as email and text messages, have grown significantly in the past few years, Madison Advisors has found that customers continue to prefer different channels for different types of […]

The Art and Science of Project Management

By Amber Knight, Senior Project Manager and Analyst There are many roles that require both science and art and I view project management as one of them. The science is the methodology used to manage projects. These methodologies are well documented and provide tools to assist a project manager (PM) throughout the different phases of […]