Madison Advisors offers research and consulting services that provide objective analysis, client-specific guidance and in-depth market knowledge to clients in the Customer Communications Management (CCM), electronic delivery and print industries. Madison Advisors’ industry-neutral expertise enables enterprise organizations, service providers and technology providers to achieve their strategic objectives around Customer Communications Management.


Our History

Since our inception in 2001, Madison Advisors has helped our clients:

  • Assess their competitive industry standing through our Best Practices Assessment
  • Develop and implement effective enterprise communication strategies
  • Identify growth opportunities in the enterprise, service provider and technology provider markets
  • Understand the impact of market trends on their business

Our Team

Kemal Carr headshot 2016
Kemal Carr

Under Kemal Carr’s direction, Madison Advisors has established a market niche as an independent analyst and market research firm that addresses the needs of the print and electronic Customer Communications Management (CCM) marketplace. The firm provides retainer and project-based strategy services designed to assist clients with technology selection and alignment and business process optimization decisions.

Dan Chevalier
VP of Business Development and Senior Analyst

Dan Chevalier brings more than 30 years of sales and sales management to Madison Advisors, focused on the print equipment, inserter hardware and software side of the print and mail industry throughout his career.

Amber Knight
Senior Project Manager and Analyst

Amber Knight brings a broad base of solid experience leading enterprise-level initiatives through all phases of project implementation. Her experience performing business process analysis utilizing Six Sigma, Lean and blended methodologies offers Madison Advisors’ clients support for improving business processes that result in operational efficiencies.

Richard Huff
Senior Analyst

Richard Huff provides extensive experience in managing market and product research to offer strategic advice on best practices and technology recommendations for printing/mailing operations. His experience includes assisting clients with enterprise document strategies, product selection and market initiatives.

Jeff Weldon
Senior Analyst

Jeff Weldon provides project-based advisory services in the customer communications management (CCM) marketplace to enterprise accounts and print service providers. With a wealth of industry and analyst experience in digital printing and CCM software solutions, Jeff leads engagements that assist clients with technology selection and alignment and business process optimization decisions.

John Roche
Senior Analyst

John Roche brings more than 30 years of sales and sales management experience to Madison Advisors with a focus on printing equipment, finishing technologies, operational efficiencies and workflow.  At Madison Advisors, John is responsible for assessing strategic initiatives around CCM production workflows and operational assessments, leveraging his background in the production print space and impressive experience in multiple facets of digital print processes.

Larry McNish
Senior Analyst

Larry McNish has more than 40 years of consulting experience in the business communications and business process industries. Having gained extensive knowledge of strategic account and data management, Larry helps Madison Advisors’ clients customize solutions for business process re-engineering of critical back-office functions using technology to achieve automation.

Roger Tapke headshot 2016
Roger Tapke
Senior Analyst

Roger Tapke brings expertise to Madison Advisors from a long career in printing/mailing operations as well as operations and manufacturing within several other industries. In addition to extensive knowledge of all aspects of print, mail and presort operations, his expertise includes organizational and process analysis/improvement, team building, and succession planning.


Roger Tapke
Principal Analyst


Susan Cotter
Senior Program Manager / Analyst

Gina Ferrara
Senior Analyst