Evolving CCM Processes Are Creating New Options

We saw the inception of customer communications management (CCM) systems about 20 years ago when what was then known as document composition software evolved to include significant personalization capabilities. Fast forward to today and CCM also has become the foundation for the newer and broader concept of customer experience management (CXM). READ MORE

Madison Advisors new brief “Mastering RFP Vendor Selection” offers methodology for finding the right outsourced partner for print/mail production

COLLEYVILLE, TX (February 21, 2023) — Madison Advisors—Madison Advisors has published a new brief entitled “Mastering RFP Vendor Selection” that presents the methodology it has developed based on comprehensive assessments of the print service provider (PSP) market and the intersection with the needs of enterprises. READ MORE

Interactive Personalized Video Presents an Opportunity for PSPs

Interactive personalized video (IPV) offers a new customer communication channel, which is well suited for inclusion with other print service provider (PSP) offerings. IPV utilizes corporate data, video clips, animation, and voice overs to be assembled based on a sophisticated set of rules. Because PSPs already receive and process client customer data, they can leverage […]

Madison Advisors Identifies Requirements for Evaluating a Customer Communications Management Hosted Managed Services Provider

Colleyville, TX—Madison Advisors—Madison Advisors has published a brief on the customer communications management (CCM) hosted managed services (HMS) market to provide insights on how to evaluate a CCM HMS provider’s overall solutions. “The CCM HMS market continues to evolve through emerging providers and acquisition of existing providers. In addition, the solutions continue to add new […]

Madison Advisors to Speak at XPLOR22

Colleyville, TX—Madison Advisors—Madison Advisors today announced its vice president of business development and senior analyst, Dan Chevalier, and senior analyst, Richard Huff, will be presenting two sessions at the XPLOR22 conference being held on September 13-15 in St. Pete Beach, Florida. The conference brings together end users, analysts, consultants, industry experts and vendors who will […]

Future of Transactional: Advancing Efficiencies

By Melissa Donovan The transactional print segment is well suited for digital print, particularly inkjet. From inventories of pre-printed shells to white paper factories, the industry has become more efficient and effective. However, transactional’s success in the future is only guaranteed if print providers take the time to understand their customers. Some customers will pay […]

Madison Advisors Shares the Value of Outsourcing and Business Resiliency Planning at the IPMA 2022 Educational Conference

June 6, 2022, Colleyville, TX—Madison Advisors—Madison Advisors today announced its vice president of business development and senior analyst, Dan Chevalier, and Mutual of Omaha’s manager of print and mail operations, Amy Bellows, will co-present a general session at the In-Plant Printing and Mailing Association (IPMA) 2022 Educational Conference. The event is being held June 12-16 […]

DSF ’22 and the Customer Experience

So much about DSF ’22 made it a positive event. The first being that it was an in-person conference. DSF ’22 was one of the first to exit the virtual world and gamble that an in-person event would be well received. And it was. The conference garnered a good mix of enterprise organizations, print service […]

Madison Advisors Shares New Research on Interactive Personalized Video and its Impact on Customer Communications at DSF ‘22

COLLEYVILLE, TX (March 21, 2022) — Madison Advisors—Madison Advisors today announced its senior analyst, Richard Huff, will be sharing the results of the firm’s recent study on interactive personalized video (IPV) and its impact on an organization’s customer communications management (CCM) strategy at DOCUMENT Strategy Forum (DSF) ’22. The event is being held April 4-6 at the […]

Madison Advisors Publishes New Study on Interactive Personalized Video Solutions

Colleyville, TX (Jan. 20, 2022) – Madison Advisors is pleased to announce the availability of its newest research report, “Interactive Personalized Video Solutions Market Study.” Viewing interactive personalized video (IPV) solutions as the next stage in the evolution of customer communications, Madison Advisors sees opportunities for IPV to grow significantly as more customers opt into […]

Madison Advisors to Share Industry Trends and Best Practices for Succeeding in Converging Markets at XPLOR21

Colleyville, TX — Madison Advisors—Madison Advisors is participating in XPLOR21, being held November 16-18 in St. Pete Beach, Florida, with two educational sessions and participation in a panel discussion on the impact the pandemic had on clients. On Tuesday, November 16 from 3:00-3:45 p.m. EST, Madison Advisors’ president, Kemal Carr, will be presenting “High Volume […]

Seven Critical Steps When Choosing a Partner from an RFP

Selecting the right business partner for customer communications management (CCM) delivery is a critical task. Shrewd organizations use the Request for Proposals (RFP) process in an attempt to make the best decision. After receiving partner responses and confirming references, there is one more important step before your final selection: Conduct a site visit to the […]

Expanding Capabilities in Hosted Managed Services Provides Opportunity

Technologies for implementing more advanced customer communications management (CCM) emerged over two decades ago and since then have expanded their capabilities through the development of more sophisticated automation. Over time, CCM platforms have become a comprehensive means of launching and sustaining personalized and interactive communication with customers. This is especially important today as the way […]

Madison Advisors market update on CCM hosted managed services evaluates delivery and support models of traditional and new market entrants

Madison Advisors—Madison Advisors announced today the release of a new research study, “Customer Communications Management Hosted Managed Services Market Update, 3rd Edition.” Madison Advisors defines customer communications management (CCM) hosted managed services (HMS) as a delivery model in which a single-source, integrated technology platform incorporates the critical components necessary for end-to-end CCM, incorporating workflow automation and governance. […]

Madison Advisors Analyzes Trends in CCM Hosted Managed Services and Post Composition Solutions at Live Xplor Webcast

The Xplor webcast is complimentary and everyone is welcome to attend. Madison Advisors will be presenting an update on its latest research on customer communications management (CCM) post-composition technology and other CCM industry trends at a live Xplor webcast entitled Analyst Inside Look: Post Composition and General Industry Trends on February 3 at 1:00 p.m. ET. […]

Madison Advisors New Market Study Explores the Latest Advances in Post Composition and the Value it Brings to the CCM Workflow

Colleyville, TX—Madison Advisors today announced the general availability of its newest research report, “Post Composition Solutions Market Study.” Madison Advisors views post composition as a cost-effective solution to assist organizations in normalizing disparate composition programs and legacy data streams to allow for reliable delivery and enhancement of client communications across omni-channel distribution channels. The study […]

Madison Advisors Shares the Latest Market Research and Trends in the Customer Communications Market at the BlueCrest #Insights Forum

Colleyville, TX—Madison Advisors—Madison Advisors President, Kemal Carr, and Vice President of Research and Practice Lead, Keith Woedy, will share their analysis of the current dynamics of the customer communications market at the BlueCrest #Insights Forum. This virtual event, being held on Thursday, September 24 at 1:00 p.m. ET, will offer actionable insights into this dynamic market […]

Madison Advisors Shares How Leveraging the Latest USPS Innovations Leads to Greater Customer Engagement at XPLOR20

Colleyville, Tex. – Madison Advisors—Madison Advisors’ senior analyst, Gina Ferrara, will discuss Madison Advisors’ insights on how to use the United States Postal Service’s (USPS) latest advancements and technologies to enhance the customer experience at XPLOR20. The virtual event is being held September 29, October 1, 6 and 8. Ferrara, a regular speaker at XPLOR and […]

CCM Seeing Little Impact Through COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is having a dramatic impact on many aspects of our daily lives, compelling people to work at home where that’s possible, and for all of us to keep our distance even on routine shopping trips or walks in the park. Having said that, so far, the pandemic does not seem to be […]

Madison Advisors Announces Upcoming CCM Hosted Managed Services

Colleyville, Tex. – Madison Advisors—Madison Advisors announces it is currently conducting research for a new market update on Customer Communications Management (CCM) Hosted Managed Services (HMS). In this updated research, Madison Advisors will explore the newest trends in CCM and how CCM HMS providers are positioning their solutions in response to the increased focus on creating a […]

Ongoing Evolution – CCM Solutions Continue to Advance

Customer communications management (CCM) strategies help organizations manage customer correspondence. CCM continues to evolve with advanced technologies like the cloud and artificial intelligence (AI), making it more effective and efficient, while also posing new challenges. According to Gina Ferrara, senior analyst, Madison Advisors, CCM traditionally consisted of transactional communications, such as bank statements, utility bills, […]

Madison Advisors Announces Upcoming Market Study on CCM Post-composition Solutions

Madison Advisors announces a new market study on customer communications management (CCM) post-composition solutions will soon be available. Organizations that generate large volumes of transactional communications typically utilize multiple composition tools for document generation. In this research, Madison Advisors is focusing on CCM post-composition solutions, exploring the capabilities of current software and where these solutions […]

Crawford Technologies to Host Customer Communications Virtual Summit on May 6

Crawford Technologies, provider of innovative document solutions that streamline, improve and manage customer communications, is hosting a Customer Communications Virtual Summit on Wednesday, May 6 from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET. This complimentary, full-day event features 30 sessions that focus on thought leadership, case studies, demonstrations and collaboration opportunities around the following three tracks: […]

Madison Advisors to Share Digital Transformation Insights at Crawford Technologies’ Customer Communications Virtual Summit

April 28, 2020, Colleyville, TX—Madison Advisors—Madison Advisors’ senior analyst, Gina Ferrara, will share her insights about the steps needed for a successful digital transformation at Crawford Technologies’ Customer Communications Virtual Summit held Wednesday, May 6 beginning at 10:00 a.m. EST. This complimentary virtual summit is bringing together the most respected customer communications experts in the […]

RPA: Promising, but Still a Work in Progress

One of the hottest buzzwords in business circles nowadays is robotic process automation (RPA). In the communications area, RPA is attractive because it allows organizations to fix problematic data in their legacy systems, automate processes, expedite master plans of delivery, lower the error rate and free up knowledge workers to do things that are more […]

Madison Advisors Publishes Market Study on Latest Trends in Inbound Document Processing

Madison Advisors today announced the general availability of its newest research report, “Capture Service Provider Market Study.” The study provides insights on the latest trends in the inbound document processing market with a focus on how capture service providers (CSPs) are positioning their offerings to stay current with technology and strategic services to meet customer […]

Enterprise Output Management Systems Update

By Gina Ferrara Enterprise output management systems (EOMS) are the backbone of print production and are critical for streamlining operations, improving print productivity, tracking communications at the piece level, meeting strict service level agreements (SLAs), and monitoring the status of all production jobs across multiple sites. EOMS were historically used solely to manage the production […]

Finding the Right Disaster Recovery Provider

Transactional printers often work under very tight client deadlines and aggressive SLAs, so when they’re hit by something like a hurricane, earthquake, flood, tornado, or fire, it has the potential of being a disaster for both the enterprise and its clients. The solution is to find a disaster recovery provider or another printer that can […]

Madison Advisors Shares Leading Customer Experience Management Trends at the 2019 Xploration Tour in Minneapolis

Colleyville, Tex. – Madison Advisors—Madison Advisors’ president, Kemal Carr, EDP, will be moderating a panel discussion about customer experience management (CXM) trends at the 2019 Xploration Tour in Minneapolis, Minnesota on November 13, 2019. The 2019 Xploration Tour focuses on the best practices and technologies that drive customer communications and features speakers who share their experiences […]

Madison Advisors’ Kemal Carr Shares Successful Document Print and Mail Outsourcing Strategies at 2019 Xploration Tour in Omaha

Colleyville, Tex. – Madison Advisors—Madison Advisors’ president, Kemal Carr, EDP, will be discussing the state of the print service provider market in an educational session and on a panel discussion focused on successful document print and mail outsourcing strategies at the 2019 Xploration Tour in Omaha, Nebraska on October 15, 2019. Xploration Tours focus on […]

Giving Print a Chance

After its introduction close to three decades ago, the quick adoption of email led many to believe the predicted obsolescence of printed communications was inevitable. As time went on, consumers were able to enjoy interacting with their favorite brands through a variety of digital channels. However, despite the focus on using digital channels to communicate […]

Madison Advisors to Discuss Inbound Customer Communications and the Future of IT at the Papyrus Software User Conference 2019

Colleyville, Tex. – Madison Advisors—Madison Advisors’ senior analyst, Gina Ferrara, will be leading a breakout session focused on customer communications management (CCM), in addition to moderating the Management Circle Seminar at the Papyrus Software Open House and User Conference 2019, held October 13-15 in Southlake, Texas. Ferrara’s session, “The Importance of Inbound Customer Communications,” will be […]

CCM as a Service – The Opportunities and the Pitfalls

Print service providers seeking to expand their offerings beyond print and mail may want to consider offering customer communications management (CCM) as a service to their clients. “CCM  is a critical component for customer experience – yet enterprises are riddled with legacy technology and a disjointed infrastructure that includes point solutions for electronic delivery,” says […]