The optiMA Model

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The optiMA Model
Optimization Strategy Discovery and Analysis Target Operating Model Strategic Roadmap Partner + Technology Selection Business Case Support And Transformation Strategy Partner Integration Management

Optimization Strategy

The Madison Advisor team works closely with your organization to review, clarify and document your customer communication goals relative to revenue enhancement, cost and risk reduction, technology requirements and customer experience.

This results in an actionable CCM strategy designed to deliver on the experience your customers—and your customers’ customers—want.

Discovery and Analysis

Taking advantage of our optiMA Discovery and Analysis exploratory phase, together we will identify current processes that create cost inefficiencies, increase exposure to risk or negatively impact customer experience and retention.

Target Operating Model

Identifying gaps in business processes, technology and staffing will uncover both areas of strengths and those that need improvement. This valuable exercise results in a high-level Target Operating Model (TOM) specific to your company’s communications goals and requirements.

Strategic Roadmap

Taking what we learn from the Target Operating Model, Madison Advisors can help your team develop a comprehensive strategic roadmap for implementing the CCM optimization initiatives that are consistent with your business goals and strategy.

Partner + Technology Selection

Knowing what to look for in choosing the right workflow automation processes and software requires evaluating what partner and technology solutions will deliver the revenue opportunities you are seeking.

We provide objective insight into the proper selection of business partners that ensure the best fit for your specific requirements.

Business Case Support And Transformation Strategy

Our team will work closely with you to help steer the transition, providing an outline that supports the business case for change. This includes expert analysis and the desired impact to various stakeholders within the company.

Partner Integration Management

We can help define the list of dependent projects including coordination of internal business, operations and technology stakeholders as well as vendor resources to support the new technology solution and maximize its effectiveness.