Beginning with the End in Mind


By Roger Tapke

The heightened priority of organizations in every industry to focus on the customer experience, reflected in the augmentation of marketing roles to include Chief Customer Officers (CCOs) and Chief Experience Officers (CXOs), has placed unprecedented pressure on marketing departments to innovate in every way possible.

While not a bad thing in and of itself, this impetus for innovation can lead to disjointed and even costly outcomes for the organization. Here is a simplified, but all too common, example:

The marketing department in line of business “A” decides there is a potential customer experience advantage to be gained by changing the look of an envelope for a mailing. However, other parts of the organization are routinely using an envelope of a slightly different size. For the marketing leads in line of business “A”, the decision to change the envelope seems minor. But when looked at holistically from an organizational perspective, standardizing on a single envelope instead could result in cost-savings and efficiencies that deliver significant benefits across multiple lines of business in the organization. Editor’s Note: You can read more on that topic in our January/February issue or by clicking here.

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