Changing the Paradigm in Customer Communications Management

By Gina Ferrara, Senior Analyst, Madison Advisors

Insurance enterprises are at an inevitable crossroad. In an attempt to stay abreast of changing expectations with customer communications, many companies have tried to expand their communication infrastructure by purchasing a software tool that allows for the personalization and multichannel delivery options they need. If an IT department doesn’t have the resources—or the needed technical skills—to keep up as these solutions continue to evolve, a company can easily fall behind in achieving its strategic communication goals. Add to that a shift in priorities with the focus now on how well a document engages the customer. Is there a better way to effectively meet today’s customer communication expectations and lead to the ROI and value insurance organizations desire?

Historically, enterprises have looked to software providers to meet their customer communications management (CCM) requirements and providers have responded with feature-rich document composition software. Over the years, however, customer communication requirements have evolved. Subsequently, new offerings have emerged while others have fallen by the wayside. As a result, insurers have invested in a proliferation of point solutions to fill gaps and address changing needs. And still, they continue to struggle to achieve their strategic customer communication goals.

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