Inkjet Technology: A Lucrative Opportunity with the Right Strategy

Madison Advisors Color Print Migration Market Update, published in December 2017, focused on the migration of monochrome to full color in transactional communications for both enterprise in-plants and print service providers. To conduct this research, we obtained image volume data from 22 organizations in the service provider and enterprise in-plant market. We found that in 2016, approximately 38% (15 billion) of the total image volume produced by the print service providers and in-plants who participated in this research were in color. Insurance and healthcare continue to lag, but our research to date indicates that there has been an increase in the volume of color output for these verticals. Madison Advisors updates color print migration statistics annually, with 2017 figures available in mid-2018, but even without those figures, we believe print will continue to enjoy a revival thanks to the color inkjet technology available in the market today.


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