Invitation to Participate in Madison Advisors Color Migration and Digital Delivery Study

July 12, 2018 –Colleyville, TX—Madison Advisors is announcing a Call for Participation (CFP) for enterprises and print service providers to participate in its “Color Migration and Digital Delivery: Trends in Transactional Communications” research. As Madison Advisors continues to track color migration, it is expanding its research to include trends in omni-channel delivery and the role color print plays in an overall omni-channel strategy.

Participating organizations will be offered several benefits including market exposure, right to re-purpose excerpts from the study, Madison Advisors’ analyst quotes for press releases and for use on participants’ websites, and an electronic copy of the study.

Topics to be covered in the research will include the following:

  • Barriers that prevent or inhibit migration from monochrome print to color for transactional communications
  • The role of color print in an omni-channel communications strategy
  • Adoption rates, trends and available digital delivery channels for enterprises and offered by print service providers
  • Preference management, including challenges associated with collection, ownership and management of preference data to enable omni-channel delivery capabilities

For more information about the “Color Migration and Digital Delivery: Trends in Transactional Communications” study, CLICK HERE

Participation in this study is complimentary. If you are interested in participating in this valuable industry research, please call Gina Ferrara at (401) 529-6986 or email

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