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Kemal Carr


Under Kemal Carr's direction, Madison Advisors has established a market niche as an independent analyst & market research firm that addresses the needs of the electronic and print customer communications Management (CCM) marketplace. The firm provides retainer and project-based strategy services designed to assist clients with technology selection and alignment and business process optimization decisions.

Kemal is regularly sought out by some of the leading output technology publications to write about or comment on the industry’s key issues and topics, including articles on the impact of eDelivery and Multi-channel delivery, advancement in communication technologies, and electronic document presentment. He is also asked to speak at trade events, including key sessions at Xplor’s Global conference, DOCUMENT Strategy Forum, Inkjet Summit, and numerous vendor trade events.

In 2010 Carr received the Xplorer of the Year award from Xplor International at its Global Conference. The award was in recognition of Carr’s “volunteer service to the Association, dedication to the Xplor mission and promotion of the interests of the electronic document systems industry at large.”

Kemal earned a B.B.A. in management information systems from the University of Wisconsin and is a M.B.A. candidate in management at Texas Christian University.

Over the past two decades, Madison Advisors' industry-neutral expertise enables enterprise organizations, service providers and technology providers to achieve their strategic objectives around today’s evolving customer communications management (CCM) requirements.
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