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Madison Advisors Announces New Research on Increasing Production Efficiencies with Color Inkjet


March 14, 2017, Colleyville, TXMadison Advisors—Madison Advisors today announced the release of its new research, “Beyond ROI: Increasing Production Efficiencies with Color Inkjet Printers.” The research uncovered that many companies seeking an inkjet solution tend to overlook the importance of workflow when conducting due diligence. Furthermore, it was found that this oversight results in a diminished realization of the full value of an inkjet investment.

The study also finds that while output quality, throughput and the range of supported media are important considerations before making an inkjet investment, workflow software selection is often conducted as an ancillary project after the capital investment has been made. Madison Advisors’ stance is that this decision sequence should be reversed.

The research explores:

  • The broader context of implementing color inkjet technology for customer communications
  • The workflow issues that should be considered during the evaluation process

Proven techniques to fully unlock the value of color inkjet

Madison Advisors’ research is valuable both for service providers who are considering investing in a color inkjet printer and for those who have already made the investment, as it helps define a print service provider’s optimal workflow to point them in the right direction for a maximized ROI.

“By understanding all the opportunities offered by inkjet printers, buyers can make the right investments at the right time and ultimately achieve a greater total return on investment,” said Jeff Weldon, senior analyst at Madison Advisors and author of the report. “The main objective of the research is to raise awareness of the necessary process improvement steps within an organization when it comes to inkjet hardware.”

To purchase the full report “Beyond ROI: Increasing Production Efficiencies with Color Inkjet Printers,” click here.

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