Maximizing the Benefits of Inbound Document Automation

By Susan Cotter, Senior Program Manager/Analyst

Madison Advisors has the unique opportunity to visit with many organizations that are in various stages of their document management journeys.  Inbound document processing is one area that we find large variances in the adoption of automation within companies that choose to keep capture processes in-house.  By developing a strategy that includes a consideration of full automation and the development of outbound documents, an organization can maximize the efficiencies related to inbound document processing.

Advancements in capture technologies provide significant opportunities for process improvements and cost savings with the reduction of upfront document categorizations and data entry requirements.  Most organizations that process large volumes of inbound documents are capitalizing on these technologies, however, many still are not utilizing the additional capabilities available for further automation and error reduction.

In the brief, “Maximizing the Benefits of Inbound Document Automation,” Madison Advisors outlines the advantages of utilizing technology and customer communication management strategies to transition manual workflows to exception-based workflows for inbound capture processes.  By complementing capture and data extraction automation with ERP and archive integration and dashboard analytics, an organization can gain the benefits of increased accuracy, speed in document processing and a competitive advantage.  Technology solutions that provide automated input, extraction and validation will reduce the time needed to bring data into an organization for processing and increase customer satisfaction.   Integration with ERP systems, archive systems with record retention standards and dashboard metric tracking can maximize the automation and cost-saving opportunities.

To access Madison Advisors’ brief “Maximizing the Benefits of Inbound Document Automation,” click here.

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