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Neopost Rebranding Itself as Quadient

By Kemal Carr, President

At the end of September, Neopost, headquartered in Paris, France, announced that it’s changing its name to Quadient – previously the name of one of its business units, the one that provides primarily multichannel CCM capabilities and likely some portion of Neopost’s Business Process Automation (BPA) services and customer experience management (CXM) solutions as well. In fact, it’s difficult to untangle these lines of business, and for the reason that they probably are not meant to be untangled. Rather, Neopost (now Quadient) appears to be moving toward the comprehensive integration of all that it has to offer.

With the name change, Quadient’s management seems to be taking another step ahead and is creating a vision—for itself and for customers and prospects—of its own future in the integrated CCM, CXM, and BPA spaces. This is where we’re seeing growth in the field of digital automation and transformation as organizations move away from traditional, physical customer communications to digital channels and management.

The more Quadient can pull all the pieces together into a unified CCM, CXM and BPA solution for enterprise, the more I think they’re on the right path. Our enterprise clients don’t want to add complexity to an already complex and broken process, so using two solutions where a single unified offering exists, makes managing the offering far less difficult.

Adding to this, traditionally what businesses have done when they have a very specific need in one line of business is to buy another point solution.  However, this then creates a whole separate silo outside of the normal existing process and only makes support and related costs go up. Isolated customer data silos become obstacles to overcome in developing and delivering consistent messaging and direct and personalized interaction with customers.

What we see is that enterprises today are looking for a complete digital and physical solution—one-stop convenience. Executives are frustrated with buying CCM solutions from this vendor and digital services from that vendor, and then having to cobble them together themselves, or spend money on integration services or hire more IT staff.

As Quadient, the rebranded Neopost is looking to satisfy both current and future customer demand for integrated communications solutions, now under a single and well-respected name. It will be exciting to keep watching this space to see how Quadient continues to adapt.

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