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Overcoming 4 Obstacles That Stall Financial Customer Experience

How can banks adapt to the changing consumer landscape? By overcoming the roadblocks that throw the customer journey off balance.
For financial services brands, navigating the modern customer experience means retracing the consumer's footprints to fully understand where they've been and where they're going. But when it comes to forging their own strategic paths, banks often encounter numerous roadblocks on their journeys toward customer experience optimization.

With rules and regulations always weighing heavy, financial firms acknowledge that the road to strategic success can often be bumpy, if not treacherous, at times. In fact, according to an article from The New York Times, author Steve Lohr explores how mobile usage among Millennials has upended the consumer banking industry by opening the door for FinTech startups. Such companies provide the digitally inclined with alternatives to the standard retail banking experience, tapping into tools and technologies that have yet to gain real traction among large, established firms.

But how can standard banks spice up their more traditional methods and adapt to the changing consumer landscape simultaneously? By proceeding slow and steady, of course. First they must overcome these four obstacles.

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