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Selecting a Capture Service Provider

By Susan Cotter, Senior Program Manager/Analyst

 After working with an organization recently to assess the state of their business processes related to document scanning, data capture and workflow solutions, it became clear to me that this organization is not alone in its struggle to make document scanning more efficient.  Many organizations are grappling with the decision to enhance their in-house scanning operations or to outsource this function to a third- party service provider.

In our latest Madison Advisors’ brief, we outline factors for companies to consider if they plan to invest in capture technologies and keep the process in-house.  Understanding the current workflow of various document types and the underlying business rules surrounding these documents are critical steps in the overall strategy and success of the initiative.

Manual processes should be reviewed in detail to determine how best to remove paper handling and inefficiencies from future workflows. Existing team members will have institutional knowledge about document processing that needs to be identified up front to avoid errors during the automation processes.  Building a desired future state should be part of the process and by overlaying the current processes, areas for improvement can be prioritized.

Other considerations include deciding on a centralized or decentralized approach and the related technology options available for each.  Special consideration should be given to ensure that the new technology does not simply replace an old paper-based process. Each business process being considered should be fully and completely evaluated end-to-end for process improvements with the full capabilities of the new technology tools in mind. By reengineering the process and applying new technology—including considering RPA and interfaces with existing ERP systems—an organization will be sure to maximize the true benefits of state-of-the-art technology.

To access Madison Advisors’ brief “Selecting a Capture Service Provider,” click here.

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