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Inbound Document Capture – New Innovations and Strategies

By Susan Cotter, Senior Program Manager/Analyst

It is exciting to see how new capture technologies continue to evolve and how their impacts on traditional inbound workflows are providing Capture Service Providers (CSPs) with new and innovative ways to interact with their customers.   In our recent brief, “Inbound Document Capture – New Innovations and Strategies,” we outline new strategic opportunities for CSPs to integrate their services into clients’ workflows by integrating inbound and outbound document workflows with Customer Communications Management (CCM) tools.  We also cover how advances in workflow tools, analytics and dashboards are changing the landscape of traditional service models offered to clients.

Our brief includes innovative CSP strategies for:

  • Collaboration with Customer Communication Management (CCM) tools to improve inbound document processing workflows
  • Augmenting Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with Intelligent Automation tools to improve the turnaround times for inbound documents, resulting in a better customer experience
  • Promoting digital transformation and using dashboards and advanced analytics so clients have better insight on trends to enhance customer engagement models

Emerging technologies are allowing CSPs to be more strategic with expanded service models that provide tools not traditionally associated as part of inbound document processing. This brief expands on these considerations with a specific focus on Capture Service Providers, but much of the information is also relevant to in-house operations.   CSPs embracing these opportunities will provide additional value to their clients that ultimately improves the experience of their customers.

To access Madison Advisors’ brief “Inbound Document Capture – New Innovations and Strategies,” click here.

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