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Invitation to Participate in the Property & Casualty Insurance Multi-client Best Practices Assessment

By Dan Chevalier, VP of Business Development and Senior Analyst

Nine out of the top ten P&C insurance organizations continue to print and mail internally. Madison Advisors recently put out a call for participation for P&C companies to participate in a multi-client best practices assessment (BPA). Why? To answer the following critical-to-success questions:

1. As a company are we implementing the best go-forward print and mail customer communications management strategy?
2. How does our P&C organization compare to others in the P&C segment and to their internal processing peers and to print service providers (PSP)?
3. Is our P&C organization on par or behind in operational efficiency?

The customer communications management (CCM)/customer experience management (CXM) industry is evolving at a rapid pace. The objective of Madison Advisors’ CCM/CXM Best Practices Assessment (BPA) is to benchmark this evolution. Through in-depth examination and industry expertise, the team at Madison Advisors compares and contrasts those in the industry being studied, benchmarking and comparing them across a variety of different attributes, taking into account their capabilities against their peer group and industry best practices.

This P&C multi-client BPA study will investigate and quantify the best practices of CCM/CXM physical delivery and digital transformation and corporate functions that evaluate whether to keep print and mail internally versus alternatives available in the market.

To be considered a leader in your industry, it is important to anticipate industry trends in order to gain a competitive advantage. There is a clear trend that, since the pandemic, outsourcing print/mail production to a reliable, knowledgeable print and communications partner makes business sense to many enterprises. Many companies no longer want to invest in the capital expenditure, but still recognize the critical need to meet customer preferences in a timely manner. However, it will require a strong assessment of your operation to ensure it is firing on all cylinders and primed to capitalize on this trend with a solid strategy that ensures success.

At Madison Advisors, we have a strong history of supporting enterprises as they meet today’s challenges and ensuring they are implementing best practices across the converging markets of high-volume outbound and inbound communications. While no transition from an enterprise to a print/mail and communications provider is perfect (or the other way around), having a solid strategy around the use of technology, efficient workflow processes and in-depth knowledge of your industry will put you at ease as to what is the best decision for your company.

We invite P&C insurers of all sizes to join us. Throughout the study, your organization will benefit from the real-time analysis and expert opinions of Madison Advisors’ analysts. In addition, your organization will receive a customized analysis and recommendations from Madison Advisors’ team through a customized BPA report and a Q&A conference session.

For information on the benefits of participating in this BPA and how to sign up to participate, click here.

Over the past two decades, Madison Advisors' industry-neutral expertise enables enterprise organizations, service providers and technology providers to achieve their strategic objectives around today’s evolving customer communications management (CCM) requirements.
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